Breaking the Stigma of Addiction - Building Hope

December 16, 1989...Zachary Caleb Warner came into the world.  His sweet little round face, just like any mom -
I was instantly in love.  As a toddler, he loved his big brother - wearing cowboy boots and flannel shirts.  He was
Steven's shadow all the time.  He loved skateboarding and soccer.  He loved to score soccer goals...and he
scored alot.  And like all parents, we loved to watch him play.  We were so proud.  

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Before addiction took over his life, he was a compassionate, kind, funny, giving young man, who tried to
make a difference in other's lives.  NEVER did I dream I would hear these words on October 11, 2011....
Zachary came to my husband and I and asked for help.  He told us he was addicted to heroin.  
Zachary died May 6, 2014 of a heroin overdose, after a long struggle of addiction and recovery.
Please don't be naive like I was at first.  
This disease of addiction can get it's grips on any family, in any town, in any zip code.