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Travis Bornstein - Senior Vice President
Travis W.Bornstein is the current President and Principal Executive Officer of Teamsters Local No. 24 in Akron, Ohio.
In 1996 he was elected at the age of 29 as a full time Business Agent. In 1999 he became the youngest elected
President in the history of Local No. 24 at the age of 32, and currently he is the longest sitting Principal Executive Officer ever.
He has been re-elected as President 6 times.

Mr. Bornstein is highly respected by both sides of the table and is known for his honesty and integrity. He has spent
the last 20 years arbitrating, mediating and negotiating everyday problems for the best interest of all involved.  
Mr. Bornstein is a very effective leader who has the unique skills of communicating, problem solving, and sternness
that brings people who disagree towards working together.  

Mr. Bornstein is one of the founders of Breaking Barriers - Hope is Alive, created in honor of his only son
Tyler W. Bornstein, age 23, who was on an academic and golf scholarship at Walsh University.
Tyler suffered from the disease of addiction and overdosed on opiates on September 28, 2014.
His body was later found in a vacant lot.

Mr. Bornstein is committed to help bring solution to the table on the worst drug epidemic in US history,
by standing in the gap for others as a servant leader.

Mr. Bornstein has testified at the Ohio Statehouse in favor of the Good Samaritan Law, House Bill 249.
He has also had meetings with members of Congress, both in the House and the Senate, advocating for the
reforms in health-care law's for treating those with the disease of addiction.

Mr. Bornstein has been married to his wife Shelly for 27 years and they have two daughters, Tana and Taylor.
Mr. Bornstein is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and holds other key positions within the Teamsters Union.