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Laura Broyles - Recording Secretary
Laura Broyles is currently co-owner of Tiaras and Treasures, Inc. located in Uniontown, Ohio.  She has been
married for 20 years to her husband, Eric and has two children, Logan and Bailey.  She earned a
Bachelor’s Degree in Education from the University Akron in 1993.  

Laura has seven years of experience working for Verizon wireless in sales/customer service, with two of those years working as a
senior sales representative where she managed and ran the Medina location.

After the birth of her second child, Laura started her own mobile theme party business for children –
Tiaras and Treasures, Inc. - with a friend in June of 2005.  She will be celebrating 11 years of success this coming June.  Her
business hosts theme and tea parties, and provides princess and superhero characters for birthday parties.  She works closely
with her clients to plan events and she manages daily operations for the business.  Laura oversees the advertising and marketing
of the company, including the creation, optimization, and maintenance of the website, email campaigns,
and promotional efforts on the company's Facebook and Instagram pages.

Laura volunteered her time as a Cheer Director for Springfield Youth Cheerleading and served on the SYF board from 2009-
2013.  She made use of her organization, multi-tasking, and communication skills to successfully run the youth cheer program;
implementing and coordinating several competition squads for 4 of those years.

The need to fight against this horrible epidemic began when she received the tragic news of the passing of her only nephew,
Tyler Bornstein.  Laura knew that if the awful disease of addiction could take the life of her nephew who was smart, kind, athletic,
handsome and had the support of a family raised with morals and a strong faith...then nobody is immune.  Her outrage increased
after learning the staggering statistics showing the large number of heroin users first became addicted to highly addictive
prescription pain pills legally prescribed for such things as minor injuries, surgeries, and dental procedures, when these were
originally meant to assist terminal patients at the end of their life.  This was the case with Tyler.  She learned the United States
makes up only 4% of the world's population, but we consume 80% of the opioid pain pills (and 99% of oxycodone).

In response to her need to do something after the death of her nephew, Laura created the Facebook page
“Breaking Barriers” for her sister Shelly and two other mothers from Lake Township who lost their sons to overdose.  
She is currently one of the administrators of the page.  Laura has attended several seminars and symposiums to better
educate herself on the opiate epidemic our country is facing.

Laura’s determination to make a difference continues with the additional information she is learning and as
the death toll continues to rise.  She is determined to fight for her nephew, to fight for others, and
hopefully along the way find some healing with her family.
Now she fights for you Tyler!