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What is Breaking Barriers - Hope is Alive?

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P.O. Box 534  Uniontown, OH  44685
"We’re going to stop treating addiction as a moral failing, and start seeing it for what it is:
a chronic disease that
MUST be treated with urgency and compassion..."
United States Surgeon General - Vivek Murthy
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Breaking Barriers - Hope Is Alive
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nonprofit organization
Breaking Barriers - Hope Is Alive is a non-profit organization
that specifically remembers the lives of
three Lake High School Graduates from Uniontown, Ohio:
Tyler Bornstein, Zach Warner and Tyler Westbury.
This organization was created by Shelly Bornstein and her sister,
Laura Broyles, in Honor of
Tyler Bornstein who was on an
Academic and Golf Scholarship at Walsh University in Stark County.
The goal of our non-profit is to bring awareness for the heroin epidemic
sweeping across our State and Country. Additionally, to inspire
breakthroughs in treating people who suffer from drug addiction by
assisting in the recovery process and to educate the community
about the disease of addiction.